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Find your voice

Helping ambitious women find their voice, master their anxiety, put self doubt and imposter syndrome straight in the trash. It’s time to take unapologetic action to manifest success.

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Is Your Overthinking Sabotaging Your Success?

Take this quick quiz to find out whether your overthinking habit is holding you back from getting the success you know you deserve.

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On The Blog

Check out the overthinking toolkit blog. It’s jampacked with actionable, relatable and impactful information about wellbeing, self love and generally just kicking ass in life.

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Hey, I’m Dr Michaela

As a Clinical Psychologist I’ve dedicated myself to supporting women just like you break free from struggles with difficult emotions, self love, anxiety, overthinking, and depression, and confidently step into an awesome life, career, or relationship you actually love.⁠

I do this by sharing seemingly complex psychological concepts in an easily accessible, no BS, actionable way through one-to-one therapy, coaching and online courses!

How Can I Help?

Overthinking Toolkit

3 phase video masterclass

Do you ever feel like your brain is spiralling out of control and doesn’t have an off switch? Learn how to take control of your thoughts so you can go out and live your life without the never-ending noise of overthinking. 


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1:1 Therapy / Coaching

For ambitious women who are ready to take their mental wellbeing, self development and exploration to the next level with a tailored 1:1 approach supported by evidence based therapeutic and coaching interventions.


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Frozen To Fearless

10 week group coaching programme

High level, action oriented group coaching programme using the ACTivate framework. Let’s get you from frozen behind the shadows of imposter syndrome, self doubt,  and anxiety to boldly and UNASHAMEDLY stepping out and claiming what’s yours with the support of yours truly, and ambitious women just like you. 

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Life Changer Masterclasses

Want to level up in ALL areas of your life. Check out Life Changer Masterclasses delivered by guest experts in the field of health, wealth and relationships. New masterclasses are added every month.

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"I feel free now"

In all the years of reading self help books and going to therapy I’ve never seen what you said told so simply and in a way that is easy to understand . I feel free now! Free to feel all my emotions and not feel like I’m not making any progress.

"utmost respect for you and your work"

I cannot thank you enough for the power you have helped me regain. I have the utmost respect for you and your work. I will try my hardest to carry on being confident and never avoiding!

"I am hugely hugely grateful"

I have learned a great deal about myself and am no longer in the grip of a whole lot of anxieties and low self esteem which seemed to be getting out of control and pushing me towards some obsessive stuff.  You have been inspiring and firm, showing me some truths during some challenging times and I am hugely hugely grateful.

"just what I needed"

Michaela is patient, kind and wise, and I really appreciated her ability to support me with a mixture of techniques. She listened to what I needed and what I knew would and wouldn't work for me and found ways to help me understand what I was going through and how to deal with it at a practical level. Her ability to combine compassion and challenge was just what I needed! Thank you Michaela.

"feel more comfortable in my own skin again"

Michaela's patient and compassionate approach during my Acceptance and Commitment therapy was much needed during a difficult time. Michaela was respectful, non-judgmental and supportive and gave me the tools and the confidence to solve problems going forward and feel more comfortable in my own skin again.

"I felt very at ease with her"

I felt very at ease with her and was able to express my feelings and concerns to Michaela. I noticed each session I had with Michaela seemed to go so quickly as the sessions were very involved and interesting which helped me.  Michaela would discuss and break down each element so I knew exactly what to do when I was feeling my anxiety or a panic attack coming on.