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How To Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway


Let me paint a picture for you, and you can consider whether this resonates: 


  • You’re existing at an emotional precipice every minute of every day, trying desperately to keep from falling in. 
  • You flip through Instagram, numb to the glossy photos and inspiring “Live Laugh Love” quotes. 
  • You binge Friends for the sixth time, not even mustering a chuckle at Joey’s meat sweats. 

Just for the sake of pushing that nagging dread further into the depths. 

Do you see yourself in some version of this picture? 

You’re not alone. 

Our problem as a society is that we place positive value on the “happy” feelings, while treating difficult emotions like heartache and fear as a scourge that must be avoided and ignored at all costs. 

Now picture a world in which the full range of emotions is celebrated and recognized. 

Imagine going through life welcoming all the feelings that come up – even those that are hard to sit with. 

There is a lot of fear associated with this idea. Just simmering with all of the “negative” emotions that make up the human experience? A wild notion. 

Perhaps instead, you do your best to circumvent the breakdown or tie a nice bow around it so it doesn’t look so chaotic. This could come in the form of:

  • Beating yourself up about not knowing how to progress in your business to the point that you remain paralyzed and stagnant, for fear of making the wrong moves. 
  • Holding yourself back from your own personal growth because you’re scared that the people around you will disapprove of the person you become. That pesky state of stagnancy rearing its ugly head again…
  • Giving in to the overwhelming fears of your own mental state, which prevents you from exploring the depth of your inner workings. Another Friends marathon, anyone? 

This doesn’t have to be your reality; try out an alternative truth:

Turmoil and fear are just as valid as happiness and achievement within the human experience.  

Yes, simmering in a state of turmoil is uncomfortable. But it’s also an incredibly powerful catalyst for change. Far better to be the frog who knows he’s in hot water than the one who can’t tell the water’s heating up – until it’s too late. 

Here’s a question for you: 

How would it look if you committed to no longer skirting your breakdowns and rather, cultivated a connection with them? 

Let’s dive into that a bit further. 

Rather than running away from your fears, you could turn and face them

Rather than always passing judgement on yourself, you could value your entire range of emotions as valid and worthy. 

You have it within you to progress enthusiastically before every single step is neatly laid out. 

You have it within you to show up as your flawed and real self – because isn’t that infinitely better than giving up? 

Can you envision a reality so free of self-judgement? 

Acknowledging your breaking points is an incredibly raw and liberating experience that expands your journey through life. 

So, any time you get that overwhelming feeling of fear, turmoil, or doubt – don’t run away. Allow yourself to simmer with it, writing your experience down to really dig into those emotions. 

Work these steps into your practice of acceptance: 

 1. Give yourself a break

Skip the self-judgement and recognize these feelings as an opportunity to look inward. Use them as a tool for positive change. 

2. Marinate with your feelings

I know, it’s no walk in the park. But use your inner strength to resist the urge to run. Read through to the meaning behind the emotions – what are they trying to tell you?

3. Progress through the turmoil

Rather than giving it a wide berth, process your fear in a productive way to benefit yourself and the people around you. 

4. Treat your emotions with gratitude

5.Give thanks for the vital part they play in your personal growth.


Keep in mind: freedom lies beyond the fear. 


However, to get to the freedom, you first need to process and utilize the fear to advance towards your truer self. 

You’ve got this

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