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Want to Level up? It’s Time to Take More Risks


Love, I get it. When it comes to taking risks the reaction is so predictable it’s almost laughable. Heart starts beating. Palms get sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti…ok sorry just lost myself in Eminem’s Lose Yourself lyrics. But, they have a point! The song is all about risk-taking and going for your dreams.

If you weren’t rapping that as you read it I’m going to need you to read it again and say it loud and proud. Why? Because I want you to get comfortable taking risks. So let’s dive in.

Fear of Failure

No doubt the main thing holding you back from taking more risks is the all-too-real fear of failure. I’m here to tell you that fear is not only normal, it’s healthy. 

Below are some things that may cause fear of failure:

  • Self-Sabotaging 

  • Perfectionism 

  • Low Self Worth 

No Risk, No Reward 

Without taking risks, we are not able to level up in life. No matter what you’re going for, you need to remember that no risk equals no reward. You cannot level up while sitting in your comfort zone. If you want that promotion or raise, you’re going to have to ask for it. If you want to date someone, you may have to ask them out. If you want to be a published author, you may need to submit your book. 

What do all of these have in common? The risk of rejection. That’s where our fear really lies, isn’t it? In the fear of being rejected. As much as we tell ourselves that we can handle rejection, when it happens at the moment it can be a different story. Handling rejection can be difficult to do well, but it is very possible. A few ways to handle both fear of failure and rejection:

  • Know that the emotion is only temporary
  • Allow yourself time to heal, but do not wallow
  • Accept the reality of the situation
  • Find a silver lining: a lesson, room for growth, etc
  • Remind yourself that everything gets rejected
  • Remind yourself of what you’re going for and why, and try again when ready
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Failure Leads to Success

Failure is not a sign of weakness or deviation, it is a sign of success. This is because the path to success is not an upward streak like we wish it was. Rather it’s filled with ups and downs, twists and turns, peaks and valleys, and so forth. Even when you experience success, you will still have times of failure. Failure is a part of success. It is a sign you are headed in the right direction, which is taking action.

How to Gauge Risks 

While it’s important to take risks, it’s equally important not to be haphazard with your risk-taking. You need to develop the skills necessary to tell which risks are worth your while. A good way to gauge this is by first determining if the risk has the possibility of getting you closer to your goal. Next, determine whether or not the risk has any harmful downsides to your health, safety, or finances.

While some of the risks you take in your life, particularly in your career, may involve money, only you can determine if the potential outcome is worth it. It’s important to remember that no matter how many times you fail, you need to get back up, dust yourself off, and try again. Anyone famous or successful that you can think of has failed somewhere along the way. It’s a part of their story, make it a part of yours, and own it.

Ready, set, risk! 

Start small. Begin risk taking by making a list of things you have been scared to do or putting off. Write out why you are afraid of it. Sometimes this act is enough to make you take the next step. Start with a small one, and take the risk. 

This process will help to build up your confidence for bigger risks in the long run. You have to walk before you can run. You will fail. Accept this early as a possibility and part of the process and it will be easier to handle when the time comes. 

You’ve got this.

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