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How to Knockout Your Limiting Self Beliefs


Limiting self-beliefs are one of the most dangerous patterns of thought our minds concoct and throw our way hoping we fall victim to them, and sometimes, we do. Hey, we’re only human.

Similar to some of our other topics, limiting self-beliefs stems from one main underlying emotion. Yep, you guessed it: fear. If you’re experiencing it, here’s a few ways on how to overrule them, so they don’t overrule you and your amazing potential.

Examples of limiting self beliefs

These can appear in many forms, sometimes even in ways that are so subtle they sneak up on us in disguise and take hold before we know what happened. 

  • “I’m too old”: 

Age is nothing but a number. How old we feel is all about how we perceive ourselves. There are seniors who are more active, fit, and social than people in their 20’s. There are teenagers running companies and outearning people in their 50’s. Don’t ever let your age become a limiting self-belief and hold you back. It’s nothing more than the amount of time you’ve been here.

  • “I’m not qualified”: 

This thought is rarely true. While yes, sometimes you need a certification or specific background for something, like, say, being a heart surgeon (please don’t fake that), in most cases this is a lie we tell ourselves to not go for what we really want. 

You want to be a writer but you haven’t published a novel? Doesn’t mean you’re not qualified. You want to run a marathon but you’ve only run around your neighborhood? Doesn’t mean you’re not qualified. You want to switch industries for an entry-level position, but don’t have experience? It doesn’t mean you’re not qualified. Really think about why you feel this way and see if you are holding yourself back. 

  • “I’m not attractive enough”: 

Stop. Immediately stop yourself if this thought enters your mind and squash it. You are beautiful at every size, every age, every color, and every amount that is or isn’t in your bank account. Do not ever tell yourself you are not attractive enough for something, or someone. You cannot expect others to love you or see your true worth if you don’t see it first.

  • “I could never do something like that”: 

This one saddens me when I hear it. Too often women talk themselves out of things they’ve never tried, before they’ve tried. Don’t do this to yourself. If you’re afraid of public speaking but have always dreamed of it, yes, you can do it. Practice in front of a mirror first. If you want to dance but don’t know how to, take a few lessons or just dance and not care what anyone else thinks. Stop stopping yourself from living your own life to the fullest.

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    Where they originate 

    Limiting self-beliefs usually stem from patterns learned in childhood. This can be the outcome of a traumatic event, or a parent, teacher, or other adult lowering your self-worth. When we do not have enough awareness to distinguish false beliefs about who we are, they can overtake our thoughts and in time, actions. 

    These emotions are very real and can be quite difficult, however, it’s important to realize they are entirely self-created. It is important to get in tune with your emotions and thoughts to accept, understand, and realign them. Meditation is a powerful tool for this type of self-awareness practice. As we learn how to identify our self-created thoughts and emotions, we can begin to separate the true from the false. Progression with awareness will free you from yourself.

    Listen, we all have a little baggage. The key is to recognize it, accept it, and learn how to let it go.

    Goodbye, limiting self- beliefs 

    Here are a few simple steps you can take right now to process and overcome your own limiting self-beliefs.

    1. Write down your negative beliefs about yourself, make a list
    2. Journal out what instilled each fear in you
    3. Determine a new, balanced positive belief to replace it with
    4. Write out the best and worst outcomes of going through with each
    5. Write out an affirmation for each belief, and why you are better than your fear and not going to hold yourself back

    CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a root-based, clinical approach to assessing your thoughts, behavioral patterns, and emotions. CBT helps you uncover why you think and act the ways you do, which in turn develops your awareness and can help you master your mind. Psychology can help you to identify and limit your negative self-beliefs. 

    Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help you tap into your mind and rewire it with only positive, kick-ass affirmations about the powerful woman you are. You are the only one holding you back. Let yourself run free.

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